We are in urgent need of your help

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Dear Friends,

            The Wood Buffalo Humane Society, previously the Fort McMurray SPCA, is in urgent need of your help. The average cost per animal during its time in our care is $1300, this amount covers staffing, feeding, husbandry, medical, and enrichment. As each animal has its own individual needs additional behaviour or medical challenges can exponentially increase the cost of their care. While we do our best to keep costs low and seek items we need by donation from the public, there is just no getting around the cost of care is increasing.

We are seeking your support to ensure we have stable and predictable funding as we make the changes necessary to increase our susainabilitiy. How can you help you ask? Here are some ways

  1. Become a Paws Plan monthly donor: https://fmspca.ca/paws-plan/
  2. Make a onetime donation: https://fmspca.ca/donate/
  3. Become a Hero and Sponsor a kennel: https://fmspca.ca/hero-kennel-sponsorship/

Additionally you ca help us by becoming a member and have a say in what we do and how we do it: https://fmspca.ca/become-a-member/ we have all sorts of partners who offer discounts when you become a member.

We are also always looking for our local businesses, groups, or individuals to assist us by holding a third party fundraiser, or to have a dog house donation box at your till. You can find out more about this here: https://fmspca.ca/pawsitive-partners/.

We appreciate the support you have given us in the past and hope we can count on your continued support for the future, and appreciate any immediate help you can provide. For more information please contact Arianna Johnson, Executive Director Wood Buffalo Humane Society.


Arianna Johnson

Executive Director

Wood Buffalo Humane Society (WBHS) (formerly Fort McMurray SPCA)

155 MacAlpine Crescent, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4A5
Telephone: 780.743.8997 Ext. 103 | Cellular: 780.880.0667

Email: ed@fortmcmurrayspca.ca

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