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We are almost there! The Fort McMurray SPCA needs your assistance to raise an additional $25,000 to rebuild and improve our dog runs. It is essential that our canine friends have outdoor stimulation during their stay with us. With your support you can help reduce boredom, anxiety and depression from developing in our dogs. Having adequate, safe spaces for our dogs gives them the daily physical activity they need.

The current state of the runs is in critical disrepair. Pitted asphalt and poor drainage makes cleaning the runs a difficult task to ensure that we are able to sanitize the areas properly for bio hazard control. In addition, the spaces do not offer any protection from the elements throughout the year making it more challenging to provide canines, especially puppies, in the shelter with enough outdoor time during inclement or cold weather. For those looking to adopt a dog from our shelter, there are no seating areas within the runs to spend time with their potential new family member in an outdoor setting to better evaluate their behavior and fit for their household.

Dogs live in the present, and being able to provide them with outdoor enrichments helps to positively impact the emotional toll their stay at the shelter takes. Imagine spending day after day in a pitted concrete run with chain link fencing as your only view. This project will help us provide animals in need with a respite from the tensions of kennel living and improve adoptability when potential adopters can interact more easily with their soon to be family members.

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