Part of our responsibility is to find our rescued animals loving, forever homes. We strive to maximize the compatibility between you and the animal you choose and want to ensure that the animal is well suited for you, your family, and your lifestyle.
*Please note that the animals in our care have uncertain pasts. We do our best to guess at age/breed/size, but we can never be certain. We also cannot guarantee health or temperament.

FMSPCA Adoption Procedures

Step 1

Once you have met the animal you would like to potentially adopt complete one of our adoption application forms. There are separate forms for dogs and cats. If you have any trouble with the online forms, please contact our staff via email at

Step 2

The FMSPCA will review the application and contact the applicant as quickly as possible (usually within 3-5 business days) to discuss the application.

Step 3

Once your application is approved, an appointment time will be arranged for you to complete the adoption process and pick up your new family member. Adoption fees must be paid in full before taking home your pet.
Please be prepared for your new pet, with food, bed, toys, and bowls before he/she comes home. You can purchase these needed items in our shelter when you are there to pick up your animals.

Adoption fees and other important reminders:

Adoption fees are used at the FMSPCA to cover the costs of care and medical attention of your new adoptive animal while in our care. Adoption fees are as follows:


  • $415.00 for puppies
  • $350.00 for adult dogs
  • $125.00 for seniors
  • $125.00 for special needs


  • $300.00 for kittens
  • $185.00 for adult cats
  • $85.00 for seniors
  • $85.00 for special needs

ALL adoption fees must be paid in advance prior to the animal being released to you.

Payment can be made at the front desk of the shelter.


The Fort McMurray SPCA provides vaccinations for all animals while in our care including rabies. The adoptive family is responsible for vaccinations and continued deworming that come due after the adoption is completed, which can include on-going treatment for minor ailments such as worms.


All of our animals are microchipped prior to adoption with the cost being included in our adoption fee.

Spay/Neuter Policy:

All of our animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption; this cost is included in our adoption fee.

Adopting an Animal through the Fort McMurray SPCA

Adoption Area:

Our policy is to facilitate adoptions within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. For adoptions outside of the province, we will not be responsible for shipping or transporting the animal.

Adoption Area:

As part of our adoption process, we allow a 7 day trial period with all of our animals. This trial period is intended to allow the new adopters to do the following:

  • Ensure the animal can adjust to the new home.
  • Ensure all other animals in the household will reasonably get along.
  • Ensure all family members do not have unknown allergies/physical reactions.
  • Ensure there are no abnormal behavioral issues that develop once in the home that were unknown to the shelter staff.

It is expected that adopters are fully aware of the long term commitment and responsibility of owning an animal before they start the adoption process. If however, an unknown medical condition or unknown behavioural issue develops or is displayed within the 7 day trial period, the shelter will take the animal back as it’s understood that the adopter may not have agreed to, or has the ability to, deal with this situation. Normal animal behaviours such as housetraining, barking, scratching, jumping, etc. are not considered “unknown”.

Return Policy:

At the Fort McMurray SPCA we believe that each animal is special and considered to be a part of the FMSPCA family. We accept returns as per the 7 day trial period policy and barring any unusual circumstances. Returns cannot be dropped off at the shelter unannounced and need to be coordinated through our Kennel Manager. Adoption fees are non-refundable once the 7 day trial period has expired. We encourage adopters to reach out for help if they are having any issues with their new adopted pet as we can often assist by providing resources for training and advice


Renters/Condo Owners need to confirm with their landlord/condo board that they are allowed a pet and check if there are any restrictions including size, specific dog breeds and pet-related damage deposits. Approval will be required by your landlord before adoption approval.