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Surrendering your Animal

Surrendering an animal can be a very stressful experience for both the pet and guardian. Working through our surrender process helps to minimize the associated stress. The Fort McMurray SPCA will help you to move through the process in an understanding and respectful way.

That’s what we’re here for. A safe haven.

We understand that pet owners impacted by wildfires may no longer be able to care for their pets due to less than ideal housing situations, financial circumstances, or relocating. In an effort to ease pet owners stress and heartache, the FMSPCA will not be charging a surrender fee at this time.

The following steps need to be taken to surrender to the FMSPCA:

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    Gather Info

    Gather any veterinarian health records for the animal and have them ready to provide to us at the time of surrender.

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    Contact the shelter and request an owner surrender package.

    This package contains a personality profile questionnaire, a health and preferences questionnaire, a veterinarian records release form and an animal release form.

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    Complete Forms

    Fill out the forms and questionnaires with as much detail as possible, then return via email (or in person) to info@fortmcmurrayspca.ca.

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    Initial Contact

    A response from the FMSPCA Kennel Manager or other representative will occur as soon as possible.

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    A surrender appointment will be booked. For this appointment please remember to bring any medical records in with you as well we will take the pet’s food & water dishes, toys and blankets so as to help them feel more comfortable during this transition.