Shelter Veterinarian

Employer: Fort McMurray SPCA (“FMSPCA”)
Reports to: Executive Director
Closing Date: This position will remain open until filled.
Salary: Competitive to be negotiated, benefits

Scope of Position: To perform and oversee all veterinary services for shelter animals. To provide medical care, humane care, and treatment to all animals in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Employer and applicable provincial law. Maximize the use of clinic resources to ensure resident animal health at an effective cost.

The Fort McMurray SPCA (FMSPCA) is a non-profit society within the Societies Act of Alberta and a Registered Charity. Created in 1978, the Society works to educate, advocate, and promote respect, compassion and humane treatment towards all animals. The FMSPCA serves to strengthen the understanding of relevance and need for the humane treatment of animals; an integral part of enhancing the overall well-being of all members of our community.

The FMSPCA is seeking a talented and driven full time Veterinarian to help lead our health team and support our amazing animal welfare organization. The ideal candidate would possess a passion for providing the highest level of care at our animal shelter in order to keep our companion animals healthy and ready for adoption. The successful candidate be working alongside a compassionate and dedicated team and have an opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of animals in our region. Experience in a high paced surgically driven environment and a strong interest in learning the practice of shelter medicine is required. We offer a competitive salary, benefits and positive mentorship from our leadership team. This position offers flexible hours.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Work collaboratively with other staff.

2. Diagnose and treat medical conditions in all FMSPCA animals. Follow progress of all patients placed on treatment, keeping records of all treatments and final outcomes in coordination with other staff.

3. Direct, conduct and evaluate treatment plans, disease control measures, hands-on medical treatment and progress of animals housed at the shelter including but not limited to:
a) Vaccine protocols;
b) Nutrition and feeding protocols;
c) Parasite control measures;
d) Housing and sanitation;
e) Treatment protocols for routine infectious diseases;
f) Preventative medicine procedures;

4. Emergency evaluation, treatment and procedures; Pre-adoption examinations in accordance with regulations and policies and procedures of the FMSPCA. Create, implement and measure compliance with procedures and protocols to ensure continued health of shelter animals. Develop, conduct and monitor medical program protocols and procedures.

5. Direct and conduct a sterilization program, including performance of ovariohysterectomies and castrations on cats and dogs. Supervise all aspects of the procedures including anesthesia and post- operative care of the patient. Perform non-sterilization surgical procedures when deemed appropriate for the adoptability of a FMSPCA shelter animal.
6. Oversee the scheduling of outside veterinary resources and services for procedures not available at the FMSPCA. The veterinarian will decide what treatments or procedures are needed in coordination with other senior staff, as appropriate.

7. Assist with internal and public relations, consultation and education services as they pertain to veterinary medical issues.

8. Provide telephone consultation with staff as needed during normal business hours.

9. Oversee the instruction of Animal Health Care Staff.

10. Possess the skills necessary to train kennel staff and Veterinary Technology & Veterinary Assistant students.

11. Various other duties as may be assigned as needed.

12. Meet quarterly with the Board of Directors.

TO APPLY: By email to or in person at the shelter.

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Employer: Fort McMurray SPCA (“FMSPCA”)Reports to: Executive DirectorClosing Date: This position will remain open until filled.Salary: Competitive to be negotiated, benefits Scope of Position: To

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