Our Mission

Making a difference – Saving Lives

Our Vision

Every animal is valued
through dignity and respect in
all communities within our region.

who we are

The Fort McMurray Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FMSPCA) is a non-profit society within the Societies Act of Alberta and a Registered Charity. Created in 1978, the Society works to educate, advocate, and promote respect, compassion and humane treatment towards all animals. The FMSPCA (the “Society”) serves to strengthen the understanding of relevance and need for the humane treatment of animals; an integral part of enhancing the overall well-being of all members of our community

Our Values

  • We believe we all share in the responsibility to take a stand and be the voice for animals – a vulnerable segment of our society.
  • We believe every animal’s right to quality of life informs our no-kill philosophy and practice.
  • We believe in fostering meaningful relationships that are built on honesty, trust and transparency with our partners, supporters and the community at large.
  • We believe that as a safe haven providing medical intervention, emotional stimulation and love – we give animals the best chance of finding a forever home.
  • We believe that providing a safe haven gives animals the best chance of finding their forever home.
  • We believe that the dignified and respectful treatment of all animals is a community responsibility.
  • We see ourselves as partners with all communities within our region, as well as like-minded organizations, in keeping all animals safe.
  • We believe in order to create a region that honours these basic rights and expectations that appropriate supportive local, provincial and federal legislation is necessary.
  • We believe in building and fostering healthy relationships both with people and animals regardless of their needs and using our platform as a leader to advocate for the community.

3 month old puppy was rescued and provided medical intervention for broken bones and a fractured pelvis. Bravery was cared for and rehabilitated by the FMSPCA for months before she was adopted.

JP one of our longest active volunteers! In January 2009 inspired by a news story about homeless animals JP decided to get involved and has been volunteering in the shelters cat room every weekend since! Thank you JP!

The Fort McMurray SPCA is much more than a safe haven for animals. In fact, the majority of our programs, such as our Elders Pet Food program are focussed on people and connecting lives.