Lemon and her pups recovered and ready for adoption

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On June 9th five 10 week old pups and their mother came into our care. As part of their medical examination during intake a skin scrape revealed they had a demodex as well as a bacterial skin infection. For the next month, our in-shelter vet Dr. Carolyn Levitz and the dedicated staff have nursed them through a respiratory infection and stomach parasite. Two of the pups were entropion and had eyelids that were rolling inward. The FMSPCA was able to treat the condition and the pups are receiving antibiotics for their eyes.
Thanks to YOUR donations to the FMSPCA Isabella Paws Fund, Lemon and her pups Mango, Cherry, Papaya, Pineapple and Kiwi have healed, been spayed and neutered and are ready for adoption at the FMSPCA! Donations to our fund are a lifeline for animals like Lemon and her pups and helps us ensure that we can get animals the medical intervention they need in our care – thank you to everyone who donated to help them! If you want to donate to our fund you can do so online by clicking here