Isabella Paws

The Isabella Paws Fund was named after Isabella, a 12 week old puppy rescued by the FMSPCA with injuries that were the worst the FMSPCA had ever seen. Money raised by the public were able to fund the Emergency medical treatment and surgeries she required and Izzy was able to go on and live a happy life in her forever home. The Isabella Paws fund ensures our regions only animal shelter has needed funds to ensure we are able to continue to provide emergency medical care for animals in need throughout our region.   

The Story Behind Isabella Paws

It was an afternoon in April when the call came through, from the cries in the background I just know.

You see this wasn’t the first time an animal was reported hurt at the hands of a human.

When AC arrived they found an 11 week old pup battered and beaten up.

The pup was rushed to the vet for care.

Broken ribs, a shattered leg and internal injuries, no part of the tiny pup’s body was spared.

The puppy so hurt the local vet said we must, travel to a far off land for care so the tiny puppy can heal and have a second chance.


A little girl who met the pup proclaimed Isabella and it stuck, this was to be her name, the name of the broken pup.

After 2 surgeries Isabella would survive with months of rehab and follow up care.

Izzy as we call her today is all better now, she is here to stay.
Izzy so wiggly and bouncy and excited for life despite what happened to her she never lost hope, Izzy just knew she would survive, she told me so.

We would like to thank the Wood Buffalo community and the Fort McMurray SPCA staff for the heart felt generosity and support Isabella received. Izzy lives life to the fullest and enjoys every single day of her second chance. Tommy and I are both so grateful for her love as she is ours.
 This book is dedicated to all the Isabella’s out there. Know we are looking for you, we are fighting for you because change is possible.

Much love from Izzy’s Mum and Dad

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