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My boyfriend Pete had went to the SPCA for business reasons but stopped in to say hi to the dogs.
He saw Petra, now Bailey, sitting in her kennel shaking and so scared. His heart broke for her. He got me to come and meet her. We fell in love right away! It took a bit for her to warm up to us but now she is so comfortable and loving her new home! She gets along very well with our mini dachshund! We take her to the dog park almost every day and I think she knows she hit the jackpot with us!
We are still working on the listening in public & socializing more with people, but she is SO well behaved.
She is the perfect addition to our family!
We’ve had Bella for about a year and a half now. She is the sweetest companion. She’s always following us around and cuddling with us whenever she gets the chance. Her favourite things to do include going to the dog park with her dog family , chewing through all of her toys in record speed and giving hugs and kisses! She truly has becomes very important part of our family and and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.
3 years with this wonderful guy! At firAnother happy tail for former FMSPCA resident Petra (now Bailey) who found her forever family – she has an adorable mini dachshund fur-sibling and her pawrents say she is the perfect addition to their family who take this lucky girl to the dog park almost every day! So happy for you Petra!
3 years with this wonderful guy! At first he was anxious but with continuous love and kindness he has blossomed into a truly amazing dog. He now has a little sister and a (human) little brother. We enjoy trips to the dog park and lazy days on the couch. A dogs love and devotion is incomparable, I often wonder who saved who.
After the sudden loss of our 4 year old cat in November 2017 we as a family didn’t think we could ever love another.
one of my friends shared a picture of “Wally” on Facebook and i knew instantly that i wanted him in my life.
I applied minutes after seeing his picture.
He is cuddly, loving, sweet and a little mouthy when it comes to food. His favourite place to be is up in our arms, if he isn’t meowing to be held, he is sitting basking in the sun in our front window on his cat house.
We adore him and his personality, our children think its hilarious when he is walking along and all of a sudden he just stops and falls over and gives them this look as if to say “rub me now”
We are very happy with our new family member.
We have had Lois (formerly Summer) for almost a year now and we couldn’t have asked for a better member of our family. Lois’s favourite things are bananas, laying in the sun, and playing fetch/tug of war. Lois has a huge personality and has really come out of her shell since we first got her. That nervous puppy we brought home last April is now a huge baby and she’s always looking for attention.
Ellie was adopted over 8 years ago and has been an irreplaceable part of our family. We recently decided to expand our family to include Kodi and he’s fit right in since day one. Ellie loves having her new little brother around to wrestle with and go for their long walks together every morning. I can’t imagine life without these two!
We adopted Watson (previously Pawssanova) and as much as he loves to nap… he is very vocal when we haven’t given him enough play time or love. He’s not super fond of being picked up but stretch out with a cozy blankey and you’ve got yourself a snuggle buddy. He loves to explore and investigate new things in his home. We love that he comes in for bedtime snuggles every night and we are so happy to have him in our family!
Shelby has acclimated to her new home very well and has just started to bond with our older cat, Tika
Kruger is a true momma’s boy! His favourite pastime is watching out the window but sometimes he looks after the neighbourhood a little too well! He greets his family at the door and then frantically searches the house to bring you his “baby”. He gives nose kisses on command and loves to give hugs by putting his paws on your shoulder if he’s on the couch and on your leg if he’s on the floor. He tends to be a reactive boy but round here he’s accepted for who he is and we know it will take work every day!
I lost my last dog a year ago and wasn’t planning on adopting again for a while….then I saw Regina, now Grace. She was sitting in the kennel with the sweetest brown eyes I ever saw. She was nothing like any type of dog I’ve owned before in my life and it only took me two walks to decide to foster her. After two days of having her living in my home I was sold! I knew she wasn’t going to be leaving my home ever again. It hasn’t always been easy, but I picked the perfect snuggle buddy who makes me laugh every day! I can’t thank you enough for giving me the privilege of sharing my home with Gracey!
I think it is safe to say that Archie, now Hank, is loving his new life on Vancouver Island! Hes the perfect addition to our little fur family He loves car rides, camping trips, meeting all his new friends at the dog park and days spent at the lake with his new big sister Disa. He is a sweet cuddly boy and love to help load the dishwasher!
Banjo is fitting in just fine at my house and is pretty much everything I could want in a pet. Lots of fun to play with, but also good to sit on the couch and relax with. Everything is going great! Just finished building him a hollowed-out carpet tree and he now spends most of his time climbing around on it, so I think it was worth the effort.
I adopted Ranger after the fire for an adventure partner. Shortly after I adopted him I also adopted Aspen (previously Peppermint Patti). Ranger and Aspen have become inseparable and spend everyday with me always exploring new things. I try to make it habit of letting them roam in the woods with me every single day. There is nothing they love more than being outdoors together. I couldn’t have asked for better adventure partners and I can’t wait to see what adventures life throws at us in the years to come. They are my whole world along with their other brother and sister Chihuahuas at home.
River is doing great in his new home and loves playing with his new sister, Phoebe. He has finally learned how to go up and down stairs and absolutely loves chewing on his water buffalo horn. As you can tell by the photo, River loves to get messy and dig in the backyard. He has been such a great addition to our little family; we can’t imagine our lives without him.
Zilly, formally Catzilla, has one favorite toy, its a fish on a string. She loves her treats and catnip. She had been at the shelter for over a year before we got her. She has been a wonder addition to our family. She is the queen of the house and enjoys her paw parent’s jokes.
Fawn is getting along extremely well with our other dog that we also adopted from the FMSPCA. She absolutely loves to play-especially with her tennis ball. She still needs some training but has already learned to sit and shake a paw!
Janie, now Izzybee, is getting lots of love and attention in her new home! She enjoys playing with her favourite jitterbug toy, getting her treats, climbing her cat tree, and most important- enjoying time and plenty of cuddles with mom!
We adopted my precious boy in June 2014. He had to learn how to play and had no idea what to do with a ball. Now he loves taking his toys out in our yard and will bring them back when asked to. He hated water now he is in love. We moved from fort mcmurray in 2015 to the foothills he lives the dream everyday. He was my cuddle bug throughout pregnancy even though he did break into the laundry basket tearing up all of my clothes. Since my son was born he has been amazing he loves him so so much and my son tries to play fetch but he doesn’t quite get the whole throwing thing. I couldn’t imagine life without my furry son he is my best friend.

Thank you for letting us be his pawrents!

Sockeye (now Salem) is such a happy kitty. All I have to do is look at him and he purrs! He is adapting very well ..maybe too well considering he has all my pillows taken over!
Rajah, formally Brooks, is adapting very well in his new home! Just look at how happy and cozy he is!
We absolutely love Yuna, now Padme! She is getting along so well with her puppy brother/BFF! They go to the private dog park where she gets to play with her sister Leia at least once a week! Our lives are truely enriched by bringing these beautiful additions to our family!
Chris after a long day of meeting one of his doggy friends, getting spoiled at Pet Valu and having a game of fetch! Totally, joyfully tuckered and content!
Leia (now Jarrah), has transitioned really well in her now home! She’s learning fast and growing up so quickly already! She has been a great new pal!
Gina absolutely loves her play time- especially with her toy balls! She is starting to adapt really well into our home- she even sleeps with us most nights!
We are all SO in love with Zsa Zsa. She’s super snuggly and affectionate with everyone. Anyone that has come over falls in love with her too. She’s a wonderful addition to our family.
We adopted Ella (previously Eleanor Rigby) from a litter at the FMSPCA in April 2010. About a year later we adopted her “brother” Marshall (previously Biggie) from someone who traveled too much to keep him. They still play like puppies to this day. Ella is AMAZING with our daughter who came into our lives when Ella was 5. She enjoys laying in front of the fridge and drinking water from the toilet – because sharing a bowl with Marshall is gross.
From the moment we took Cleocatra home, you could tell she never wanted to leave. She’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen, loves to cuddle. Couldn’t have adopted a better companion! She’ll always be our spoiled little princess.
Lottie is doing fantastic! She has more toys than I know what to do with and loves running around with them. She also loves to play fetch which is her new favourite game. She’s a super sweetheart and has decided she likes to sleep with us at night.
Richie, now Buster, posing with his human all smiles to have been adopted!
Chantilly (now calypso) is happy exploring her new home. She met her official owner, Keira, and it’s a perfect match. They’re incredibly happy to have each other! She’s warming up very slowly to our gentle giant of a dog. We’re so happy with our newest addition to the family!
Zach is doing so well and I can’t get over how fast he has adjusted to our home. He is so affectionate and I’m so happy we were able to make him part of the family.
Remember our sexy senior Boomer? He’s doing great in his forever home (clearly roughing it lol) and we couldn’t be happier for him!
Wanted to send some pictures of Chico (Denzel before i adopted him in July 2009)

I will always remember one of your question on the adoption form…what will you do with the animal you adopt if you have to move away…. i then replied: he’s gonna move with me!

Here we are 7 and some years later, back to Montréal. Chico is in great shape, happy and healthy, fed on raw meet for the last 5 years, works awesomely for him!!

Special thanks to Elena that made that great unforgettable connection.