Fort McMurray SPCA reaches full capacity at animal shelter

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The Fort McMurray SPCA has reached full capacity for feline intake at the shelter and is very close to capacity for canines.
“It’s only the beginning of summer when we see a greater increase in animals in our shelter and it has become clear to me as I have moved into the role of executive director for the organization that the space available at the shelter for animals is not sufficient to meet the needs of the community,” said Arianna Johnson executive director. “We are encouraging all community residents who have been considering adopting an animal to come and meet the wonderful animals we have available for adoption at the FMSPCA.”
The FMSPCA is the region’s only animal shelter and being at full capacity means an inability to accept additional animals into care until space is created through successful adoptions.
“It’s vital that we are able to continue to be a safe haven for animals in need as the need arises,” said Johnson. “We take in animals from across the region, some of whom have urgent or special care requirements. It puts lives in jeopardy when we cannot take in the number of animals who need our help-it’s really that clear cut.”
Johnson says the community has always been supportive of adopting from the shelter which makes a difference in the life of the animal adopted, while creating space for those the organization may need to shelter. “As a rescue organization we never know when those urgent cases are going to be coming to our door and we need the community’s support to keep our promise to those animals.”
To meet the animals available for adoption at the Fort McMurray SPCA you can visit the shelter Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 to 6pm or view the animals online at