FMSPCA completes 300 surgeries in their shelter clinic

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FMSPCA vet Dr. Carolyn Levitz and Vet Tech student Becky Newman

In 2015, the Fort McMurray SPCA undertook the construction and creation of an in-house veterinary supervised animal health clinic at the FMSPCA to ensure best medical practices for shelter animals in our region, expanding spay & neuter programs and emergency medical treatment for rescues suffering from abuse or neglect.

On January 31, 2017 the in-shelter program marked another milestone with the completion of 300 surgeries benefiting animals that have been under the care and control of the Fort McMurray SPCA.

A program like this was long overdue for the FMSPCA and is considered best medical practice for humane societies and SPCAs across the country to ensure that animals within our care receive appropriate medical treatment in a timely manner as well as protecting the health of the shelter population and addressing in-shelter disease control.
Within the clinic walls the FMSPCA is now be able to perform essential surgeries such as spay and neuters, vaccinations and isolation protocols to keep new animals admitted to the shelter separate from the general population until they receive a clean bill of health as well as provide identification protocols such as microchipping and tattoos in order to identify adopted animals who may become lost or be abandoned post-adoption for community safety.
Shelter medicine is a unique field. One of the greatest challenges faced at the FMSPCA is a large number of abandoned, homeless, surrendered or abused animals of unknown origins, with unknown health issues and unknown histories that have to be identified and addressed prior to the animals being put into the shelter population for adoption. This program assists the FMSPCA in addressing those challenges in a more efficient way.

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