FMSPCA Enrichment Centre Campaign

We are almost there! The Fort McMurray SPCA needs your assistance to raise an additional $50,000 to build an enrichment centre.

A strong enrichment program is intended to enhance and maintain an animal’s behavioural health while in a stressful environment. In order to become a progressive safe haven for homeless animals, the Fort McMurray SPCA is taking an essential step in refurbishing an underused part of the shelter property to increase enrichment opportunities and increase the ability for community volunteers and potential adopters to engage in important training that builds lasting adoptive relationships.

Hidden away by the back of the shelter building are a series of outdoor kennels that are surrounded by unused outdoor space ideal to transform the lives of the canines in our care. Our enrichment area will become the heartbeat of our care services where our canine friends will learn to thrive and relearn the joy of being a dog.

Dogs arrive at the FMSPCA for a variety of reasons. It can run the gamut of basic obedience training, to being extremely fearful due to experiencing abuse and neglect. Fearful and anxious behaviour can often come out as aggression, but with your help, our enrichment area will allow us to invest in providing much needed supports.These dogs need and deserve rehabilitation. We understand that making a happy and healthy dog goes beyond receiving care in the shelter’s vet clinic. Some dogs need encouragement, training, and guidance before they’re ready for adoption.

Some dogs on our adoption floor receive basic obedience training, which prepares them for a new home. The next progressive move gives dogs in our care a space to learn from our trained staff and allow our dogs to gain a new sense of morale.

Space restrictions in our current facility have not, until now, offered much opportunity for increased enrichment. Dogs are social beings that learn from each other, but also need space independently to interact with, learn from, and develop with our trainers. This dynamic area will benefit both animals in our care and the community. Shelter dogs will have a new year-round space to work on sits, stays, leash walking, and more. After gaining enough confidence, the dog is ready for adoption and willing to showcase their newly-learned skills in a new forever home.

Behaviour training before adoptions is crucial to keep return rates lower. As the only animal shelter in the region it is an essential tool to help us meet the growing needs of our community.

Enrichment is important for our feline friends as well. While the amount of training and assessment cats require is different from dogs, it is still necessary. A cat’s enrichment is vital in finding forever homes. The shelter can be a stressful environment for a cat and that’s why keeping them engaged is critical.

Upright structures and elevated perches will serve our resident felines’ climbing and clawing needs. We intend to build feline enrichment into the cat room itself with elevated spaces, textured spiral slides and perches which will allow them opportunities to express natural behaviours in appropriate ways. Meeting our cats mental and emotional needs helps them lead a fulfilling life and have fewer behaviour issues, while contributing to forging stronger bonds when adopted.

We will also be constructing some catios to provide some safe time outdoors when the weather permits.

If you would like more information about donating to our project please email our Executive Director at

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