Where to begin. I was lucky to come in on May 24, 2008 to look at getting a kitty and Daphne was the last kitty I had looked at. She was so friendly when I met her and said with tears in my eyes your coming home with me. 2 days later on May 26th I received a call saying Daphne was ready to go home with me. She was a wonderful delight and yes we had a hard times starting off but that was overcome. She had 2 great years in Ft. Mcmurray until we moved back to Newfoundland in December 2010. Daphne was more then a kitty she was my therapy cat, my protector, a member of the family and more so my very best friend for 13 & 1/2 years. She and I were so much more then A pet and her owner. She was always watching out for me, she was always spoiled with love, hugs, kisses, treats & toys. Every day I would go to work and tell her I would be home after work or if I was going to be late or something and she always knew where I was and I always said you look after dads house and see you after work. Every day I came home she always greeted me and she knew she was going to get lots of attention, hugs and kisses. My best naps on the couch were when she cuddled up with me. Daphne always slept in bed with me. She knew she could sleep under the blankets but always slept on top of our queen size bed on her blanket between my legs as that was her spot. I always slept so good with her and I would always find her in her bed sleeping away during the day or on her scratching post taking a snooze. For all the love she gave me I always gave her 4 times more & always got lots of licks, kisses and cuddles. Daphne was very lucky to have 2 great veterinarians here on St. John’s but sadly her doctor left to go to New Brunswick but her new doctor who was the owner of the clinic had took great care on her during visits. Daphne always had a way of making my bad days good and my good days even better and we had a bond far more greater then being her owner that words can never explain. Sadly in late August something had happened she was not herself for some reason so we had her scheduled for an ultrasound 2 weeks later but sadly she wasn’t able to make it and on September 24, 2020 at 6:10 pm Newfoundland time my baby girl had gotten her kitty wings & is now an angel. My girlfriend who I was with at the time who had adopted Daphne with me passed away back in March 2014 and now she is watching my baby kitty until my time comes. Daphne has been cremated and is resting in a kitty urn on her blanket and will be buried with me when my time comes. I miss Daphne so much and I have not been the same since. I still find things hard being home alone and breaking down crying knowing she is no longer with me. She was the best cat in the whole wide world and the happiness I have had is far beyond words could ever say. I want to say a huge thank you to who ever made it possible to say yes to letting my angel Daphne be a part of my life and being a therapy kitty. You will never know how that has felt or been. I also wanted to say THANK YOU IS NEVER ENOUGH but THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR LETTING DAPHNE BE A PART OF MY LIFE. That has meant more to me then anything and from the very bottom of my broken shattered heart THANKS & appreciation for granting her a great life with me. I am forever grateful to have found my therapy cat, my protector, my guardian angel and my very best friend because of you wonderful people. With that I think of all the good times I had but I would trade away all the lazy weekends or rainy days just to hold my kitty once more

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