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Animal safety and Awareness Program (ASAP)

Animal safety and Awareness Program (ASAP) is based on the humane education approach to teaching that inspires kindness to both animals and people. Instilling the desire and capacity to put our values into action in meaningful ways with far reaching effects is essential to building safe and caring communities. The principals of humane education can be adopted to promote a circle of caring that includes both people and animals. The idea that encouraging kindness to animals will result in more kindness to people has been the underlying philosophy of the humane education movement for close to 150 years. ASAP was developed locally using this philosophy to raise awareness, educate and safe guard the youngest members specific to our region through its approach and subject content that promotes an understanding of the human responsibility to care for and about all living things. Techniques and tools such as problem solving skills to assist children and youth in critical thinking in which the worth of the individual is stressed and each child is encouraged to develop a positive self-image is essential to valuing others. Each workshop addresses a number of topics relating to domestic animal welfare, community involvement, teamwork and leadership and bite prevention by investigating the effects our daily choices, our acts of citizenship and our communities can have by doing the most good and the least harm to ourselves, other people and animals.

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