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On March 4th, 14 year old DSH feline Cleo moved into the continuing care centre and has become the first furry roommate to provide companionship to the centre’s 4th floor resident seniors.

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9 Lives Program

We know it breaks hearts when we announce that we have senior animals available and seeking a new home.  For many pet owners, they cannot imagine giving up their furry family members or surrendering them to an animal shelter.  At the FMSPCA, we are proud to be a local agency that can accept and care for senior pets who are being separated from the families they’ve known.  We believe that regardless of age, companion animals deserve compassion and a chance to live out their golden years in comfort.  In some cases, experienced adopters have been able to welcome seniors into their home or are taken into foster homes in other cases, our patient seniors are keeping staff company in their offices in order to reduce their stress levels and ensure they get lots of cuddles throughout the day.

The FMSPCA also has a unique program to bring pet companionship to local seniors.  Our 9 Lives program pairs seniors who would like to have a pet with senior adoptable animals, usually cats, that could benefit from a home of their own.  Through this program, all food and veterinary costs are provided, as well as regular check-ups to ensure everyone is enjoying the companionship.  Recently, we expanded this program with the Northern Lights Health Foundation.  Cleo, a senior cat who was not successfully being chosen for adoption, is now a happy resident on the 4th floor of the hospital where she keeps local resident seniors company.  Cleo is even equipped with a special collar so that she can’t explore the other floors of the hospital, but can enjoy free range on the 4th floor.

Pet companionship has a lot of benefits both for humans and pets in their golden years and the FMSPCA is proud to offer this program, with support from the RMWB, that respects our seniors, both two legged and four.