New Executive Director and Recognition Awards at Annual General Meeting

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Former FMSPCA resident Lemon was awarded the Animal Courage Award

Greb was recognized for his fundraising to support the FMSPCA

On Tuesday, May 29th the Fort McMurray SPCA hosted its Annual General Meeting at the local shelter. Approximately 35 attendees learned more about the 2017 achievements for the region’s only animal shelter.

Highlights from the annual general meeting included over 24,000 lbs of pet food being distributed across the region to support pets in need, success of new programs including Book Buddies reading to shelter pets which held 23 sessions over the year with over 100 participants.

The organization’s in shelter clinic, completed in November 2015 with donations from the community, safeguards the health and wellness of the animal residents. In 2017, the medical team completed 282 spay neuter surgeries, 400 vaccinations, 375 microchips, 113 xrays, 234 rabies vaccinations. An additional 59 surgeries were performed including dental procedures.

The FMSPCA also made a special announcement that Arianna Johnson would be succeeding as the organization’s new Executive Director. For 7 years Johnson has been the Executive Director of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association, under her leadership the organization has grown from three staff with a small annual budget, that provided small hampers of non-perishable food items, into a fiscally sustainable full service organization with 12 staff that focuses on food security in a holistic nature, nutrition, education, and helping families achieve self-sufficiency through these services.

Johnson will be working with the WBFB to transition a new Executive Director over the next couple of months with her final day with the WBFB being July 13, 2018. “I am excited to be able to have the opportunity to support a smooth transition to new leadership with the food bank as I myself transition to the FMSPCA,” said Johnson.

The 2018 FMSPCA Board of Directors

Board elections also took place at the AGM. The 2018 FMSPCA board includes: George Rowe, Natalie Kemeny, Andrew Wilcox, Terri Ward, Ottlie Munro, Carrie Danku, Blair Fudge and new members Mandi Gupta and Franco Rizzi.
A recognition ceremony also took place to honour both people and animals who have made outstanding contributions to the FMSPCA, our community, and animal welfare in 2017. The selection committee was comprised of FMSPCA staff members. Award recipients included:

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and their contributions greatly enhance our ability to provide leadership and support to the cause of animal welfare. From cleaning kennels to serving on committees; from raising funds to organizing community events, they perform a wide range of essential services. This award recognizes the invaluable contribution of one such person in our community.

Given to an outstanding volunteer for tireless devotion to the animals in our care

VOLUNTEER FOSTER AWARD – Jonathan Collins and Kerry Skinner
Proudly presented to an outstanding foster volunteer for their help providing animals with a second chance at a loving, forever home.

Given to an individual for demonstrating tireless devotion to the animals in our care through their business or organization and for contributing above and beyond to achieve the goals of the FMSPCA.

Given to an individual or business for outstanding partnership initiatives through their business or organization for the betterment of the programs and services through the FMSPCA.

This award honors one board member who has made an exceptional contribution to the shelter or program activities of the Society.

Shelter/program Staff Award. Shelter and program employees care for the animals, provide front line service to the public, and carry out programs that promote better welfare for animals. This award honors one staff person in the province who has made an exceptional contribution to the shelter or program activities of the Society in the past year

Animal Hero Award. – Greb
Presented to an animal whose actions have benefited others in a significant way. Recipients of this award might range from an animal who regularly brings cheer and comfort to seniors in a care facility, fundraises for the FMSPCA with their human or an animal who has rescued others from a harmful situation.

Animal Courage Award. – Lemon

Many of the animals rescued by the SPCA have endured suffering. This award is presented in recognition of an animal rescued by the SPCA who has shown exceptional courage and resilience in the face of physical or emotional suffering.