With the support of our community, the Fort McMurray SPCA educates, serves and inspires compassion in the treatment of animals by modeling best practices in all aspects of animal welfare.

None of this would be possible without you. From the animals you have helped us rescue, reunite and rehome, we offer our heartfelt thanks.

For more information you can read or download our Vision publication here. Acrobat Reader is required.

Strategic PlanOur Vision 2015-2020

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Our Vision

In the next five years we will create a healthy and safe region for residents and companion animals by building a strong foundation for protection, advocacy and education of animals. Through improvements to our facility, including expanding our humane education programs and fulfilling the needs of our regional outreach programs for health, preventative medicine, and spay and neuter initiatives we will achieve success.

In order to achieve our vision and 5 year strategic plan the FMSPCA has identified 5 pillars that are paramount to the organizations success in the future:

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare
• To provide a healthy, clean and enriched environment for animals in our care in
accordance with the 5 Freedoms.
• To increase the adoptability of each animal in our care.
• To ensure the length of stay for each animal is appropriate.
• To ensure the rate of return is within the provincial average.
• To have a community where pet owners are educated and responsible.
• To promote and provide spay and neuter initiatives and education as a means to
responsibly control the animal population.

Organizational Culture

  • To ensure strong communication between all parts of the organization.
  • To be a highly respected employer and volunteer opportunity in the community.
  • To foster and support a highly motivated and passionate team of individuals.
  • To provide relevant training and education to staff and board that meets best practices and benefits the organization and the individual.
  • To encourage a culture that reflects the values of the organization.

        Fiscal Responsibility

        • To manage financial resources with accountability and transparency.
        • To become the animal welfare partner of choice in our community for donations.
        • To provide veterinary services to support low income clients and rural communities.
        • To develop responsible long term and viable revenue streams.
        • To accurately collect data to better inform decision making, processes and reporting.

        Community Engagement and Partnerships

        • To create opportunities for public participation in events.
        • To foster partnerships with organizations that will assist us in advancing our cause.
        • To promote the shelter to create public awareness and inform the community of current operations.
        • To develop and post position statements.
        • To become the charity of choice in Wood Buffalo for participation.

        Good Governance

        • To create a clearly defined governance model.
        • To develop a solid board and executive director succession plan.
        • To recruit and retain skilled, qualified and influential board members.
        • To produce up-to-date, relevant and legislatively appropriate policies that meet industry best practices.
        • To connect and support the organization’s relationships.