319 surgeries completed during large scale spay/neuter clinics in RMWB

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From June 9-17, 2017 The Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force and the Fort McMurray SPCA conducted large scale spay/neuter clinics in the communities of Fort McKay First Nation, Fort McMurray First Nation #468 and Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation.  Over the course of 9 days in three locations 319 spay/neuter surgeries were completed in the communities.

“A large volume, high quality, MASH type surgical unit in a school gym, community centre or arena is set up within these communities to spay/neuter hundreds of animals over one weekend, “said Nancy Larsen, President of the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force.

The Task Force was pleased to team up with the Fort McMurray SPCA along with a number of rescue groups in order to provide the clinics.

In order to undertake the large scale clinics, a significant number of volunteers and volunteer professionals such as Veterinarians and Registered Veterinarian Technologists are required.  Those volunteers were supported by the Fort McMurray Hotel Group over the multi-day clinics through a variety of their properties.

“The Fort McMurray Hotel group was proud to become one of the sponsors for the important community initiative that will help make a difference and positively impact our rural communities,” said Jean-Marc Guillamot, Area Director for the Fort McMurray Hotel Group.  “With four of our properties welcoming pets to stay with their families and our ability to make stays in our community comfortable with over 500 rooms in our inventory, it was a natural fit for us to take on a leadership role in welcoming these dedicated volunteers and professionals to our region and help save animal lives.”

“Over the course of the week, the Fort McMurray SPCA has taken 23 animals into its care,” said Misha Gaertner FMSPCA Acting Executive Director. “Several of the animals have special medical needs that are being treated at our in-shelter clinic by Dr. Carolyn Levitz, who also served as the Lead Veterinarian for the clinics, so that they can recover and enter our adoption program.”

The Spring Family and Phoenix Heli-Flight came on board to sponsor a portion of the clinics this June to stabilize the pet population in the communities.

“We are pleased to support the NAME program initiative and assist with ensuring a more caring and safer community for both the people living in these communities and their companion animals,” said Paul Spring, Owner Phoenix Heli-Flight.

“We visit these communities by invitation and community members are encouraged to participate.  Our clinics also provide veterinary care for companion animals that would not otherwise be available due to the remoteness of the communities or inability to pay for such services,” said Larsen.  “In working together we stabilize the pet population in the communities we work with and assist with ensuring a more caring and safer community for both the people living in these communities and their companion animals.”

The total stats are: 108 Dog Spays, 173 Dog Neuters, 22 Cat Spays and 16 Cat Neuters.  TOTAL of 319 animals fixed including vaccines, parasite control and tattoo.

In addition, 63 dogs, 8 cats, 1 mare and foal and 1 hedgehog were placed with Task Force partner rescue groups to be re homed.  The Task Force along with numerous volunteers cared for a   total of 393 animals!  These results would not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of the terrific teams of Veterinarians, RVT’s and volunteers!! The Task Force and the Fort McMurray SPCA sincerely appreciates the time everyone takes off work and the inconvenience of being away from their families to help make a difference in these communities.

If you would like to help the FMSPCA care for the animals taken into its care who require medical intervention, please make a donation to their Isabella Paws Fund online at www.fmspca.ca

Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force and Fort McMurray SPCA