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What’s Coming Up

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    Volunteer Opportunities at the FMSPCA

    Volunteers are always needed at the shelter to help us help animals. Click to view and sign up!

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    Walk for Animals April 28, 2019

    8th Annual Walk for Animals April 28, 2019 Click to sign up!

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    Puttin' Fore Paws June 21, 2019

    Join us for our first charity golf tournament Click to sign up!




– Enrichment Toys Cats and Dogs
– Puppy training Pads
– Large dog diapers & diaper liners – Laminating Paper
– Duck dog treats (for allergies)
– Dog Broth
– Foam master II soap sprayer (amazon)
– Cat Litter
– Toilet Paper
– Sprinkler
– Plastic Kid Pools
– Litter scoops
– Snuffle Mats
– Pill Pockets
– Dry dog/cat food (for pet food bank)
– Binder Rings
– Plastic measuring cups
– Ridged shop vac filter: VF4000, VF5000, VF6000
– House hold bleach
– Martingale collars (lg/med)

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